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Why choose Girivandana

We can find many products made of cow dung which are doing pretty well for the environment and humans. Dhoop stick is one of them. We made using 100% authentic organic herbs and free from artificial chemicals. Organic dhoop made from cow dung creates a conscious religious and spiritual aura at home.

made from

Our dhoop Sticks is 100% natural, It is made from Desi Cow Dung & Hawan Samagri. This Dhoop Sticks give almost all benefits doing Agnihotra Sacrifice.

Health Benifit

Cow dung dhoop has countless benefits of cow dung with it's anti-bacterial properties. Dhoop imparts benefits to body, mind and soul.

charcoal & chemical free

All products are no toxic substances, natural, 100% charcoal free and safe to use daily. It purifies air and gives a sacred feeling of calmness.

Save caw, save caluture

We all called caw to "Gau Mata" because 33 crore gods and goddesses reside inside the cow. Cow is the only living being which intakes oxygen and emits oxygen.

Our products

Journey of our founder

A clean environment that includes clean air, water, land and energy, is essential for human existence . but its not available in around home or out of home. So we gives you one easy solution. That creates a phenomenal amount of oxygen, which can fight pollution effectively and make the environment more pleasant and liveable.

Akshay Makwana

akshay makwana Founder

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We work on our website to look more creative and informative but we are ready to go! You can call us or leave a request here. Due to covid for more information we are avilable on call from 10:00 AM to 7:00 .


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